Nania - Sexy Indonesian Actress

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Name : Nania Kurniawati Yusuf
Sex : Female
Date of Birth : 01 September 1983
Place of Birth : Jombang, East Java
Profession : Actress

Nania Kurniawati Yusuf or more was known by the name of Nania Idol to be the former site Indonesian Idol the first season that was held during 2004.

The woman from Jombang, East Java this succeeded in becoming the third champion to this site. The characteristics of the Nania voice that jazzy made Indra Lesmana be attracted that afterwards asked him to perform a duet. Nania performed a duet in the song was as deep as Cintamu in the SILVER album belonging to Indra.

The career bermusik him that was smooth enough to not join with the life of his household. Be cut off from Sammy Kerispatih, Nania chose to marry Eka Aspriadi on June 26 2006. However evidently, the husband it was known had the wife and a child.

Nani Indonesian Idol